DriverDash FAQ

Understanding DriverDash

Do we have to pay to use DriverDash?

No. DriverDash is free to set up and free to use.

If we sign up for DriverDash, do we have to use it for every fuel purchase?

No. Although using DriverDash has many benefits, employees can always swipe their fuel card at the pump, as they always have.

Will using DriverDash change any of our fleet card features, controls, or reports?

No. All of your fleet card features are supported by DriverDash. Your reporting, billing, and purchase controls will remain the same.

Security and Safety

Is the fleet card number stored on the phone?

No. DriverDash uses an encrypted representation of the card number, stored securely on the phone.

Do employees have to register or log in to the app?

No. Only employees who download DriverDash (by receiving an invitation via are able to use the app.

Can my employees use their fingerprint to authorize a transaction?

Yes. If an employee's smartphone has fingerprint authentication, they can choose to use this feature (instead of entering their Driver ID), as an added layer of security.

Can other cards be added to DriverDash?

No. DriverDash will only use your company's fleet card. This is done automatically when an employee's name and mobile number are entered at, and they receive an invitation to download the app.

Is it safe to use a smart phone at a gas pump?

Please always follow local laws and regulations pertaining to cell phone use while driving and fueling. And please remember to use your phone responsibly. Never use your phone when driving and make sure your car is parked safely and shut off before using your phone. Refrain from using your phone when walking across the station.

What if an employee loses their phone?

Your fleet card account is protected by your employee's Driver ID or fingerprint scan.

Downloading DriverDash

How do we download DriverDash?

Although DriverDash is available at the App Store and Google Play, employees must download it via the invitation sent from DriverDash to ensure that they are automatically linked to your fleet card account.

Using DriverDash

Where can we use DriverDash?

DriverDash is currently accepted at most mobile enabled Exxon™ and Mobil™ locations in the U.S.

How do we use DriverDash to pay at the pump?

Follow these steps:

1. Before fueling, launch the app.

2. Tap "Pay for Fuel" and select your pump number.

3. When your account prompt appears, you can activate the pump by entering your Driver ID or scanning your fingerprint.


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